Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Father's Foundation Helps Make Expansion of Club Latinitas Possible

This month, Latinitas begins the expansion of Club Latinitas, the after-school program that began its efforts to serve several communities in the Fall of last year. Thanks to a grant provided by the Our Father's Foundation, Latinitas will be able to expand its after-school programs to a total of 11.

The Our Father's Foundation is a family-based organization that was founded in 2003. Through its efforts, OFF has already helped over a dozen non-profit organizations in El Paso, with a mission to fund programs that empower women and children.

Latinitas will benefit from the Our Father’s Foundation grant with the ability to assist many more girls in gaining media-related skills, such a photography and news reporting at its already beneficial sites like Armijo Library in central El Paso. Latinitas would like to recognize and thank the Our Father’s Foundation for its considerate donation and the help it has provided. For more information, visit http://www.theourfathersfoundation.org/.

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