Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latinitas in El Paso Times

Latinitas was featured in the El Paso Times this past Saturday where volunteer models worked on last minute preparations for the Fashionistas Inspiring Girls Fashion Show. The girls had their pictures taken while practicing their runway walk in Latinitas headquarters. Featured in the article, Latinitas Editorial Intern, Sonia Rangel explained how this fashion show is different  from the rest and how it's unique,  "It's more than fashion, it's more about culture, why we're proud to be women, why we're proud to be Latinas." El Dorado High School senior Elizabeth Gonzalez was also featured in the article as one of the real-life teen models who volunteered to participate in this charity event benefiting the scholarship funds for Latinitas. Latinitas' executive director, Alicia Rascon, was also interviewed for the El Paso Times article. She described how this event is meant to celebrate the true beauty of being a Latina girl,  "The event gives girls the chance to embrace their inner and outer beauty, girls of all shapes and sizes, to celebrate the diversity of what it means to be a Latina and reflect what Latina beauty really means."

To read more about the article click on the link: http://www.elpasotimes.com/living/ci_18059397

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