Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Intern Spotlight: Alyssa Romero

Alyssa Romero is a recent college graduate from UTEP with a degree in psychology. She serves as an educational outreach intern and assists Latinitas in developing girl empowerment activities for our after-school programs. Her desire to make an impact in the lives of local youth motivated her to intern with Latinitas. “It is a way for young girls to learn not only about their culture, but helps them to acquire skills that they can use later on in life.” “I think it is important to have a place that young girls feel they can turn to when they need help. I also find it important because it allows girls to express themselves in multiple ways and teaches them that it is okay to be themselves.” In her spare time, Alyssa serves as a youth leader at her church and teaches a confirmation class. Her long-term goals are to get a masters in counseling and to counsel youth.

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