Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Member Spotlight: Ytzel McDaniel

Ytzel McDaniel is a high school senior and teen reporter for Latinitas Magazine. She decided to become a teen reporter for the magazine after the encouragement of a friend. “A good friend of mine interned with Latinitas. She enjoyed it so much and she encouraged me to give it a try. I truly enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the office and how welcoming Marisol and the girls have been.” Ytzel feels that an organization like Latinitas is important because it counteracts negative media images. “Growing up is hard especially with television and magazines feeding young girls 'what they should be.' An organization that promotes self confidence is incredibly important. I hope to gain experience mainly as well as find out if journalism is the correct major for me when I go to college.” In addition to her involvement with Latinitas, Ytzel also volunteers at the local animal shelter, the El Paso Zoo and community clean-ups. She is also active on her school campus with groups such as Skills USA, DECA and Key Club. Her future goals include graduating from high school, continuing her education to get a masters degree and becoming a reporter.

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