Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Donor Spotlight: Klothes Lime

Donor Spotlight: Klothes Lime

On November 13, Angela Sustaita, who is the owner of Klothes Lime Buy-Sell-Trade Fashion, helped Latinitas through a fundraiser at her store.  For this fundraiser, 50 percent of the proceeds went towards Latinitas' girl empowerment programs and scholarships. Because of Angela's positive contribution to Latinitas, we decided to interview her. Here's the interview with Angela:

How did you hear about Latinitas?
I had the pleasure of working with Alicia and the organization at my past employment at the Nonprofit Enterprise Center.

What made you decide to become a supporter for Latinitas?  
My office was a few doors down from the Latinitas' offices. I saw the organization at work first-hand on a daily basis. I was impressed how the organization leverages their interns and volunteers so efficiently and takes advantages of programs available throughout the community. The organization operates in an efficient manner and I knew that although my donations may not be considered substantial gifts, the dollars will go a long way.
What has been your contribution as a donor?
As I was starting my business, my first business expense was a donation to Latinitas. It was a symbol of support to come as well as a blessing for my new venture. On Saturday, November 13, Klothes Lime hosted a benefit shopping day for Latinitas, half of the proceeds for the entire day were donated to the organization.

What do you like the most about Latinitas?  
I love the that the organization is constantly seeking new partners and new avenues to gain support.
Why do you think it is important for our community to have an organization like Latinitas?
As a Latina women, I know that I would have greatly benefited from an organization like Latinitas. Growing up, as any other young adult, I dealt with insecurities and the negative pressures that surround us. It is important to empower our youth and bring positive experiences into their lives that will encourage them to be strong, active citizens in our community.
As your final remark, is there anything specific that you would like to say about Latinitas?
El Paso is privileged to have a chapter of the organization in our community. Alicia and the Latinitas team are dedicated and hard-working individuals with a passion to make El Paso a better community. It is vital that we support the efforts of individuals like this because they are hard to come by.

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