Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Intern Spotlight-Marcela Aguirre

Intern Spotlight- Marcela Aguirre

Marcela Aguirre is a senior Communication Studies major and French minor at UTEP. She is currently working as a Public Relations Intern for Latinitas. Marcela is currently involved in various honor societies, the National Communication Student Association Student Club, the Brazilian Culture Center, and Catholic Campus Ministry at UTEP.  As part of her extracurricular activites, Marcela enjoys dancing ballet, reading, tutoring young children, attending sporting events/concerts, and learning new languages. She decided to intern with Latinitas because she really likes the mission statement of Latinitas and because she wants to gain the experience of working in public relations for a non-profit organization. Marcela thinks that  an organization like Latinitas is important because she thinks that "it is important for young girls to be encouraged to be creative and to be encouraged to fulfill their dreams and desires." Marcela's future goals are to obtain a double master's degree in International Relations and Global Communication and eventually work in public relations for the United Nations or for a NGO.  

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