Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet Latinitas Intern: Melissa Espejo

Meet Latinitas Intern: Melissa Espejo
Melissa Espejo graduated from UTEP with a double major in Marketing and International Business. She is currently working as a Marketing/Advertising Intern for Latinitas. Melissa enjoys reading, going to the movies, playing sports, and learning new languages. She is also currently working as a cheerleading coach for middle and high school girls. Melissa decided to intern for Latinitas because she wants to develop her professional skills while volunteering for a non-profit organization. She thinks that an organization like Latinitas is important because she thinks that " youth in general need positive guidance while their personalities are being formed. They need positive role models to serve as an example to them and positive activities to get involved with." Melissa's future goals are to get a master's degree in Marketing, which she plans to study overseas. Her overall goal is to make a difference in society.

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