Sunday, December 6, 2009

Intern Spotlight: Loida Martinez

Giving local college students the opportunity to contribute to the organization, Latinitas internships are as diverse as the interns themselves. EPCC public relations sophomore Loida Martinez, applies her studies to her internship with Latinitas. Having interned for a month so far, Loida is working on multiple projects including outreach, spreading the word about Latinitas' programs and making media contacts.

"I get to get more girls into the clubs and learning as I'm doing all of this," Loida said.

Also a Latinitas club leader at Clardy Public Library, Loida made the transition from club mentor last spring to now leading this semester.

"I wanted to see how Latinitas works. As a mentor, I didn't get to see the background of a non-profit..." Loida added.

Aside from learning the ins and outs of how non-profits function and learning how to effectively execute a PR plan, Loida has her internship and club-leading duties to thank for forcing her to be more organized.

"It's difficult. It's about having time for everything, knowing what you have to do, and staying motivated," Loida admitted.

She said she enjoys working towards something positive and informing the older group of Latinitas about what the club has to offer them.

"I want [teen Latinitas] to know it's for everyone. They can have fun and be part of a club that is exclusive for them, so they can have a positive path," Loida said.

Whether helping with outreach, reporting, designing Latinitas graphics, editing, taking photographs, creating public relations plans, marketing, fundraising, or event planning, our resident interns give their time and in return build their portfolios while receiving vital career experience.

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