Sunday, December 6, 2009

Intern Spotlight: Rosana Lopez

It is through the thoughtful and charitable time local college students give that Latinitas is able to move forward with its mission. Everyday interns for Latinitas contribute their time and knowledge to different areas of the organization.

UTEP Multidisciplinary Studies' junior Rosana Lopez applies her studies to her internship with Latinitas. Having so far interned for three weeks, Rosana is working on multiple projects including club activity curriculum, and hosting Saturday workshops for our Teen Latinitas Council.

"I knew this internship would help me build relationships in the community and give me the experience in working with young, receptive girls," Rosana said.

She added wanting to be a part of the organization because of what it stands for and could not help but be "excited" to be involved in the Saturday workshops.

"I'm developing lessons that will mold the youth of our community and I think that's important," Rosana added. She also said that she enjoys being part of a team of other young Latinas committed to the community.

"My favorite part is that I belong to a cool team of other interns and volunteers that are passionate about helping young Latinas," Rosana said.

Aside from being surrounded by young Latinas with similar educational, cultural and service goals as herself, Rosana admits that creating enriching educational activies is a challenge she faces in her internship.

"Finding out-of-the-box ideas that will stimulate young girls and including the media piece can be difficult, but thinking about how these will go directly to the girls in our community is what makes it an important and worthy challenge," Rosana said.

Working towards a common goal fo empowering the Latina youth, whether it be in outreach, reporting, designing, editing, taking photographs, initiating PR tactics and strategies, marketing, fundraising, creating curricula, or planning special events, Latinitas interns are truly what make the organization what it is today.

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