Sunday, December 6, 2009

Teen Reporter Spotlight: Cassie Barraza

Latinitas Magazine boasts a "for Latina Youth, by Latina Youth" attitude, and with it comes it's Teen Latinitas Reporters who write anything from book reviews and feature stories, all the way to celebrity profiles and blog entries.

"I am currently working on my first projects: making a video for Latinitas... making a PSA for teen Latinas about teen pregnancy and writing an article on teen activism," Teen Latinitas Reporter Cassandra Barraza said.

The Mission Early College student is new to Latinitas and said she likes what the organization stands for and finds reporting for the magazine a great opportunity to learn more about her major, communication.

"I think this will help me to learn my abilities and strengths. It is helping me by getting me to write more and think creatively in a way that connects to my culture," Cassandra said.

Additionally, this 18-year-old Latinita claims that it is important for Latinas to have a positive impact in their communities: "Because if we don't, who else will? And by doing so, we make the Latina population stronger."

The Teen Latinitas Reporter has been contributing to the online magazine for two weeks, submitted a feature highlighting teen drivers and the dangers of text-messaging, as well as maintained regular blogs entries on

"It has made me conscience of my culture, the way people see me, and made me look for things in the world that tie back to my culture. " Cassandra added.

As part of the accelerated high school curriculum she is currently enrolled in, Cassandra will be receiving her Associate's Degree from EPCC this December.

Juggling high school, homework, extra-curriculars, and still reporting for Latinitas Magazine, Teen Latinitas Reporters are taking it to the streets and writing about it.

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