Sunday, December 6, 2009

Teen Reporter Spotlight: Sara Elizabeth Sanchez

Keeping in mind its audience, Latinitas Magazine staff continues the "for Latina Youth, by Latina Youth" spirit when it comes to the monthly editions of the magazine. Teen reporters write anything that is of interest to them and other Latinas their age. Readers of the e-zine look forward to anything from reviews and feature stories all the way to celebrity profiles and blogging. Loretto H.S. senior Sara Elizabeth has taken on the title of Teen Latinitas reporter in addition to other obligations this year.

"Latinitas introduced me to feature writing, as well as deadlines in an office setting," Sara Elizabeth said.
Just having joined Latinitas this summer, Sara Elizabeth can already add "published reporter" to her resume. The 17-year-old has already written five feature stories for the magazine as well as covered a local film festival.

"This will help me in college because I won't be fresh-faced, like some other students," Sara Elizabeth said.

Her heritage and community are important, the teen said, adding that she finds Latinitas is a great opportunity for her to be more culturally conscious.

"It is important for young women to be involved in their community because they are the future of their community. Latinitas has allowed me to get a deeper look at my gente, as well as the customs that I am surrounded by," Sara Elizabeth added.

The teen recognizes the skills she has learned in the few months she has been involved with Latinitas as vital to her career.

"I would definitely recommend other girls to get involved in Latinitas because it teaches skills that can be used throughout life," Sara Elizabeth said.

Self-awareness is another aspect of being involved in the Teen Council that Sara Elizabeth said she likes.

"Latinitas has allowed me to be more optimistic, as well as enable me to see myself and my goals and say 'I can do it," Sara Elizabeth said.

Juggling high school, homework, extra-curriculars, and still reporting for Latinitas Magazine, Teen Latinitas Reporters are taking it to the streets and writing about it.

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