Sunday, December 6, 2009

Partner Spotlight: Nonprofit Enterprise Center

Furthering our partnership with the Nonprofit Enterprise Center, (NpEC), Latinitas has been chosen to receive pro-bono capacity building consultation. This will provide training, strategic planning assistance and professional development for our staff.

"We are happy and grateful to be receiving help from our neighbors here in the One Stop Center. With their strong support, we are helping to build a strong foundation for Latinitas' growth and bright future" Latinitas co-founder Alicia Rascon said.

Through a grant provided by the Meadows Foundation, which was established to serve the people of Texas, Latinitas will now be able to serve more Latinas and in smarter ways.

"Being as close as we are, we are now better able to address the needs of Latinitas and help the organization create better relationships with donors, and reconnect with past volunteers to capture an audience that already wants to help," Terry Minjares, Program Coordinator for NpEC said.

Latinitas was chosen to receive help from the grant because of its grassroots approach and already established structure within the community, Minjares added.

With the ultimate goal of expanding Latinitas, Minjares said the program will not only increase the organization's following but assure that Latinitas' mission to empower the Latina youth is accomplished.

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